Product details

What is LifeTiles made of?

LifeTiles is made of 100% polyester fiber. The fiber is 100% solution-dyed, providing rich long lasting color with superior stain resistance and color fastness to ultraviolet light and aggressive cleaning methods. This continuous filament fiber system is the key to the success of Haven Garage Floors™ and  delivers superior wear performance and soil resistance.


What size are LifeTiles?

 LifeTiles is available as a 24” x 24” module. Its unique modular design reduces installation costs and allows for tiles to be replaced when damaged.   


What are the benefits of covering my floor with LifeTiles?

With LifeTiles, your flooring will be safe, durable, and easy to maintain. 


Who produces LifeTiles?

LifeTiles is a patented product invented by J&J Flooring Group. J&J Flooring Group was acquired by Engineered Floors® in 2016. Engineered Floors LLC® is one of the largest and fastest-growing carpet mills in the world. 


Can I order a sample?

Yes! Samples can be ordered here or by contacting the sales team at

What color is the product?

LifeTiles are available in a slate gray. This color was designed to prevent tire marks from showing. Additional colors may be available in the future. 

How do I know much to order? Is there a minimum?

The Haven Floor sales team will ensure you have the appropriate amount of product to fit your space perfectly. The order minimum is 1 carton or 72 square feet.


Any tips for properly measuring my garage?

We recommend measuring the full length and width of your area in feet. For the most accurate installation estimate please text a photo of your garage or area to be covered to 706-383-9540.


What happens after I submit a quote request form?

You will receive a product quote within 24 hours. In addition, the Haven Floors team will provide you with an installation estimate. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

Haven Floors accept major credit cards and personal checks. 

How is the product shipped? How long does it take to arrive?

LifeTiles is shipped in individual boxes. Each box of 24" x 24" LifeTiles contains (18) modules (72 square feet per box). Most orders ship next business day and arrive in 1-3 business days. After your order ships you will receive a tracking number.       

How does the order process work?

After submitting your garage dimensions, the Haven Floors team will send a quote for the product. In addition, after a photo is received, the sales team will assist in getting an estimate for an installation, which is done by a trusted partner. Customers do have the option to install the product themselves. 

Installation, returns & warranty

Does Haven Floors provide installation?

No, however we do work with our trusted installation network to ensure you receive a high quality installation.

What adhesive can be used to install LifeTiles?

LifeTiles Adhesive or PreFix Pre-Applied Releasable Adhesive is required for the installation of LifeTiles textile composite flooring. All orders include a pre-measured amount of PreFix.

How long does installation typically take?

Professional installations typically take 7-8 hours with 2 individuals. This will vary with the size of the space.

How soon after installation can I use my garage?

Please allow 24 hours after installation before parking vehicles in your garage to ensure the tiles are fully set. 

Can I install the product myself or use my own installer?

Customers are welcome to hire their own installer or install the product themselves. However, we find best results come from a professional installation. Find detailed installation instructions here and a video here. All orders include pre-measured Pre-Fix primer. Tiles are peel and stick. A transition piece is recommended for the garage entryway. View here for the preferred piece. 



How long is the product under warranty?

Your product is under warranty for 5 years with a professional installation or 1 year for a self-installation. 

Are returns accepted?

Returns are not accepted. 


How do I clean and maintain my Haven Garage Flooring?

Cleaning your floors is a breeze! Vacuuming or even a simple leaf blower is recommended for day to day maintenance. For a deeper clean try how water extraction in areas prone to heavy soiling. It retains less water than carpet and therefore dries quickly. View our full guide on maintenance here