At Haven Floors, we believe that clean floors are important. Therefore, it is the intent of this document to provide information that will keep your Haven Garage Flooring™ looking its best.  The maintenance of your LifeTiles textile composite flooring is not complicated. Maintaining of your LifeTiles is the key to protecting your investment and keeping your floor looking great now and for the future.

General maintenance

What is recommended for general maintenance of Haven Garage Flooring™?

Vacuuming regularly, or removing dirt and dust particles with a blower are effective methods for general maintenance. Haven recommends upright vacuums with HEPA filtration and rotating brush bars. Hoover® WindTunnel®, Dyson®, Oreck, Windsor, Sanitaire or any other upright model with brush bar. We recommend a unit that has earned the CRI Seal of Approval. Slow overlapping passes with a proper vacuum used frequently removes dry gritty soil that accumulates, therefore preventing diminished aesthetic quality of the flooring. Also, soil accumulation is capable of abrading face fibers. Use of a high velocity blower is effective as an interim method of removing topical contamination.

What about spot removal?

Thoroughly vacuum all loose soil. Next, for general or light spot removal, use a commercial carpet / fabric cleaner ( Whittaker Crystal Dry®, Spot Shot®, Whittaker Oil and Grease Spot Remover, Chem-Dry or any spotter with CRI Seal of Approval). Use a terry towel, micro fiber cloth or soft bristle brush, agitate, blot and rinse by using water and damp towel or ‘‘mini’’ extractor (US Products Triple Play Spotter or Bissell SpotBot) to thoroughly rinse. 

Deep cleans & treating stains

How do I remove difficult stains?

Should a spot persist after proper application of previously referenced spotters used as directed, then professional grade specialty spotters may be required. For removal of: paint, oil, adhesive or grease stain, use a volatile solvent spotter such as Spot Shot, Oops® or Goof Off. DO NOT POUR THESE CLEANING AGENTS DIRECTLY ONTO THE LIFETILES, instead pour them onto a clean white terry towel, then agitate onto the LifeTiles. Finally, follow spot cleaning process above in order to remove residue.

What if I need to replace a tile from an untreatable stain or oil damage?

 Should there be a situation that involves damage to the tile(s) such as frequent oil leakage onto the garage floor, we recommend the use of protection such as a rubber mat over LifeTiles. Should LifeTiles become contaminated due to frequent introduction of oil or any other cause, replacing of the affected area is simple. First remove the tile(s) by simply pulling them up. We recommend that attic stock be ordered, and therefore left with the consumer. Using attic stock, first remove the protective film from the back side of the tile. Then reposition the new tile in the same space that the damaged one was removed from. No floor prep is required.

What if LifeTiles needs to be sanitized?

Test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. LifeTiles should be free of excessive soil before applying. Use diluted or full strength as instructed by sanitizer. Apply at a rate of 2.5 oz per square foot. Sanitizer MUST come into contact with contaminant to work. Allow to dwell for 10 minutes. Do not rinse! LifeTiles can air dry or fans may be used if floor needs to dry faster. Recommended Sanitizers: Sanitize with a 5% bleach and 95% water solution. Alternatives - Vital Oxide antimicrobial sanitizer or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Fully extract once the LifeTiles is sanitized.

What is recommended for annual maintenance?

At least annually, we recommend deep cleaning using hot water extraction (HWE). This method of deep cleaning equipment may be either truck mounted or portable. Recommended brands are Bane Clene, Tenant, US Products or any machine which has earned the CRI Seal of Approval.


Begin the preparation process by first thoroughly vacuuming, followed by an application of an extraction pre-spray, allow for specified dwell time; extract. For heavy soiling, agitate applied pre-spray onto the LifeTiles prior to wet extraction. Since LifeTiles is normally non-commercial applications, we recommend seeking out a local professional resource for this type of maintenance.  Air movers will greatly reduce dry times. HVAC should be in constant operation.